About Me

I am a Finland-based Software Engineer and Researcher specialized in Data Engineering, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Big Data technologies. Holding a PhD degree focused in Information Technologies and Digitalization in Construction (BIM/IoT). A big fan of Kubernetes, skilled in data governance models, data structures and data/graph analytics. Experienced with various industry data standards (OMI-ODF, OPC-UA, IDS, BIM/IFC, COBie) with a focus on batch and streaming ETL, building data pipelines, cloud services, cloud native, micro services and virtualization. Besides the tech competencies, I am the father of my baby-girl Dena, enjoy sailing, cycling and photography.

Apache SparkApache KafkaHadoopElasticSearchKubernetesKubeFlowDockerAWS Big Data StackNodeJSReactJSSQL / NoSQL

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